Italeri 3905 510003905 1:24 Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 Gigaspace

Maßstab 1:24
Länge von ca. 269 mm
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Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 Gigaspace 1/24 Scale KitActros is the commercial name for Mercedes-Benz aufwändig truck range. The Actros range has been introduced non…xx0xx>> and quickly achieved a significant commercial success as a suitable solution to perform long-distance haulage and aufwändig-duties haulage. The New Actros, introduced on the market non…xx1xx>>, is the most update and innovative expression of the aufwändig truck Mercedes family. It is characterised by an advanced and neoterisch design and the adoption of new ECU 5 and ECU 6 engines. The vehicle configuration has been designed and developed to guarantee the highest operational efficiency minimising the running costs. Among the several configurations available it is particularly interesting the GigaSpace, long-haul high-roof cabin version, design to offer the highest standard of comfort on board for two drivers. Thank to its features, Actros Gigaspace ungefähr be considered one the best solution for multinational long-distance transport activities.
Richtwert 1:24
Länge vonseiten ca. 269 mm
Etikett an Stelle 2 Versionen
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